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Word Study Packet
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Rooted in Language

Word Study Packet

Word Study Packet

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Unlock the mystery of English and help your students strengthen their spelling and vocabulary skills with the Word Study Packet!

Word study is the study of the structural elements of words—prefixes, base words, and suffixes—as well as a word’s root origin and language history. The two biggest pillars of English spelling are phonics and word study. This means that unlocking spelling requires recognizing word parts, and often, word history. Research supports that word study results in the best retention and usage of vocabulary and spelling skills.

Use the Word Study Packet’s explicit instructions to help your students approach spelling through a scientific and constructive lens, while building writing skills and vocabulary. These strategies can be applied repeatedly, throughout your schooling, with increasingly complex text and vocabulary. 

For even more results, word study can be applied across all subject areas! Vocabulary lessons in science and history are much more meaningful and memorable when word study lessons, including morphology and etymology, are added to the mix. 

Through word study, you will introduce your students to the research-based method of Structured Word Inquiry (SWI), opening their minds and encouraging lifelong scholarship!

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

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  • Grade level: 3 -12 (see FAQs regarding use with younger students)
  • File count: 1 PDF
  • Page count: 72 pages
  • 10 word study activities for repeated use throughout the year
  • 4 pages of student resources
  • 3 page Word Study Terminology
  • 18 pages of Build It! game cards (cardstock recommended; lamination optional)
  • Free download: 1 PDF (4 pages) Word Matrices


  • Free and bound base words, prefixes, suffixes, connector vowels
  • Word sums; forming and investigating word sum hypotheses
  • Word sums and meaning depicted through Animmorphals
  • Word parts vs. syllables
  • Prefix and Suffix Chart; chameleon (assimilated) prefixes
  • Creating word webs and building a word matrix
  • Built It! word building card game, including affix and base word cards
  • Word study terminology
  • Latin base words
  • Three great spelling rules: Double, Drop, Change

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about all the rules and patterns in spelling and word study . . . and how to teach it?

We’ve got you covered with our Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling online educator course. Through over 40 hours of instructional videos, an Educator Guide, Reading Kit, and additional resources, we teach you what, when, and how to teach all the underlying skills in phonics, spelling, and word study. We help you weave all these skills together with effective teaching strategies for all students, especially those with learning challenges. The Foundations course includes periodic live sessions with new teaching content and opportunities to ask questions specific to your students. The Foundations course is not required to successfully use Word Study Packet, but it will deepen your knowledge and expand your word study instruction.


Can I use the Word Study Packet with younger students?

Yes. The concepts and activities in this packet can be modified for younger students starting with grade 1, as we do in our Pinwheels early literacy curriculum. Introducing children to word study, even at the earliest stages of reading, can help them acquire spelling and vocabulary skills with greater depth. You’re never too young for word study!


Will the Word Study Packet help my student who struggles?

Yes. Word study and understanding word parts is an essential skill for becoming a strong reader and writer, particularly for children with learning struggles. Explicit teaching on the structure of words is frequently a significant help to students who struggle with dyslexia, dysgraphia, language delay, and language difficulties. Understanding and recognizing common patterns impacts both spelling success and reading comprehension. Additionally, spending time to research a word’s history can provide breakthroughs with challenging words as well as words that have become ongoing spelling frustrations for students.


Can I use Word Study Packet with any text across curricula?

Yes. The activities in Word Study Packet enhance any area of study, promoting deeper comprehension and vocabulary growth.

Customer Reviews

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I’m using this with my older teen and he is enjoying the activities. He actually looks forward to working on it daily.


These matrices are excellent. Using the matrices I can teach many words. If you teach a student one word; he has one word. Using the matrices the student has so many more words at his disposal.