You want your children to be the best readers and writers they can be. You’re on this journey together, whether your children are just beginning or experiencing challenges along the way, and Rooted in Language is here to guide and support you.

Your homeschool should be a place where students find joy in their success. You can give them a strong foundation for their future independence.

Start with our quiz to find the right path for your learner and help you with placement. Then watch their progress grow!


Whether your child is just starting, struggling to learn, or ready for a new challenge, you’ll find what you need at Rooted in Language!

All of our products show you what, when, and how to best teach your child, even those who struggle with dyslexia, dysgraphia, language delay, or other learning difficulties. We support you with specialized instruction that works.

If you have a student in grades 4–8 who struggles with reading and writing, their difficulties are complex. At Rooted in Language, we often say that complex problems need complex solutions. Usually this means we need to work on the student's area of greatest weakness in order to make all the skills stronger. We need to open the roadblocks so that they can progress on their journey to independent literacy. To understand this concept more fully, watch our video below. 

The Struggling Writer: 4th-8th Grade

I’m feeling stuck. I’ve tried everything . . . so why will Rooted in Language work?

“Our son LOVES this program. We have tried a couple of programs with not much success . . . He has gained confidence in himself to tackle words/concepts that previously gave him difficulty. To have him hug me and say he loves this program is a beautiful blessing." ~ Sonya

Sonya taught her son to read and write using our Pinwheels curriculum. Pinwheels provides instruction based on the Science of Reading along with our decades of experience working with students as language therapists and interventionists. You will learn how to help your children read, write, and spell!

How do I find the right program when my child is strong in some areas of language arts but seems way behind in others?

"The materials and methods covered in the Foundations course have been the key to helping my daughter grow as a writer, from a kid who struggled so much with writing and spelling that she would avoid putting pencil to paper at all costs, to a kid who believes in herself and has the confidence to express herself in writing." ~ Allison

Research tells us what Allison discovered – reading, writing, and spelling must be taught together for the best results! If we only focus on teaching reading, a wide gap in skills often develops. Writing and spelling skills typically lag behind, leaving you to wonder how to fill those gaps.

We support you along this literacy journey through our comprehensive curricula, instructional materials, and educator training classes.

Check out this video for more insights into our approach: