You want to make a difference in your students’ lives. And you know that giving students a strong foundation in reading and writing will impact their education for years to come.

You are looking for a curriculum you can trust to provide effective instruction, based in research. At Rooted in Language, you'll find comprehensive language arts materials that also build into your knowledge and confidence as a teacher.

Best of all, you’ll teach with fun and engaging activities to develop the four modes of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Scripted lessons, hands-on manipulatives, interactive games, workbooks, and reading kits meet and exceed all your instructional needs. 

Our annual School Licenses for our Pinwheels, Wand, and Grammar Bugs programs include professional development, assessment tools, teacher support through our Rooted Schools private community, and periodic live Q&As. 

Start with our quiz to explore our resources — then watch your students soar!


What makes Pinwheels any different from other programs that follow the Science of Reading?

“Rooted in Language is the real deal. It works. I’m a special education teacher, and I believe it’s better than any school curriculum that I’ve seen.” ~ Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn has discovered that while many programs follow the reading research, Pinwheels weaves in robust instruction from the start that teaches spelling and writing, along with reading. Your students will soar as they build a solid foundation where writing is seen as a natural part of the literacy process. Writing advances growth in reading and spelling skills!

Will your curriculum help me manage a classroom of diverse skills? How can I advance the strongest students while still supporting those with weaker skills?

"I so wish that I had access to this knowledge when I was a practicing school psychologist! I have learned so much more about evidence-based literacy instruction and supporting struggling learners from this class than I ever learned during my 3 years of graduate study. Thank you, Rooted Crew, for sharing your expertise and providing us with such powerful and transformative knowledge!" ~ Danielle

Danielle knows that every child has unique strengths and weaknesses. Our programs build into teacher knowledge of underlying skills, giving you the ability to problem-solve for all your students.  Flexibility, along with a variety of support materials, lets you provide extra practice to help learners who are struggling as you help strong learners advance, especially through writing.

Does your grammar approach actually help kids learn and use grammar concepts? Is it really as fun as you claim?

"Wow!! The content I learned through the Grammar & Mechanics class was inspiring and tangible. The Rooted in Language staff clearly explained the importance grammar plays in writing, reading comprehension, and editing. This is the best professional development I have encountered." ~ Alexis, 8th grade English teacher

Alexis was empowered by learning our functional approach to grammar instruction. Instruction begins at the sentence level, illustrating what words are doing and why it matters. You will also learn how to help your students apply their knowledge to their own writing. Weaving in the Grammar Bugs manipulatives lets your students experience tangible success and have fun!

Check out this video for more insights into our approach: