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Wand Literacy Program for Young Readers and Writers
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Rooted in Language

Wand Literacy Program for Young Readers and Writers

Wand Literacy Program for Young Readers and Writers

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How do you help your student continue on the reading and writing path? Wand is the guide that will lead your way! 

Once your student has completed Pinwheels, or has learned to read decodable books and engage in simple, original writing, they are ready for Wand. Wand is a 1-year program, presented in 3 levels, with step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process of teaching and strengthening important literacy skills, including: 

  • phonics and spelling
  • word study with word history
  • grammar and mechanics
  • literary elements
  • original writing and editing

For more in-depth, explicit teaching strategies, especially to support students who struggle with reading, writing, and/or spelling, we recommend using Wand in combination with our educator course: Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling.

Every level of Wand teaches reading and writing together. Help your student discover the nuances of literacy as they continue on their journey!

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

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Additional Description

Wand will help you move your student along the literacy path as they transition from learning to read to reading to learn!

Students solidify their growing skills through the key practice of Intentional Copywork, Dictation, and Editing, putting pen to paper while improving spelling and comprehension skills. You will use poetry and authentic grade-level texts to challenge and deepen your students’ skills.

As your students experience Wand's multisensory, engaging approach, the teaching routines will ultimately become your guide for building future language arts lessons from any resources your students are reading.


Downloadable PDF program with educator video support

  • Grade level: 2; 7-8 year old learners (see FAQs for use with other ages)
  • File count: 13 PDFs
  • Page count: 1,028 pages (printing educator materials is optional)
  • Video count: 18 educator training videos 
  • Video hours: 7 instructional hours
  • 1-year program presented in 3 Levels
  • 10 units for approximately 40 weeks of instruction; time to complete varies based on actual instructional hours per week and modifications to support student needs
  • Most closely aligns with a typical United States 2nd grade curriculum
  • Ongoing support through Office Hours drop-in sessions


The complete scope for Wand is available as a PDF download by adding the Scope & Sample to your cart above.


  • Read Me First Guide (31 pages): overview and explanation of teaching strategies
  • Educator Guides with Student Resources (913 pages): teaching instructions, writing Idea of the Month, student copywork passages, appendix of supplemental and multisensory student materials
  • Wand Teaching Routine & Cross-Reference Guide (83 pages): teaching routine, additional educator resources, literature recommendations, extra practice suggestions; cross-reference to Pinwheels Year 2 and Foundations educator class lessons; owners of PWY2 and/or Foundations can modify or enhance Wand lessons with these referenced resources
  • Assessments (additional 7 PDFs, 49 pages): sound-level, word-level, and passage-level student assessments downloadable through the Video Compendium

Videos and More

  • Educator training videos for understanding assessments, key teaching strategies, games, and activities (subset of Pinwheels video library)
  • Access to downloadable student Assessments with suggested schedule
  • Explanation of types of reading practice

License and Terms of Use

  • For the homeschool educator and tutor, Wand is licensed for the purchaser’s use with their own children and one-on-one tutoring students only.
  • For classroom teachers and schools, this Wand product is for homeschool educators and tutors only. Please see our Wand School License for use in your school or classroom.
  • Please direct other educators to the Rooted in Language Shop to purchase Wand for their own use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wand provide that Pinwheels does not?

  • Wand includes more phonics and spelling patterns beyond what is taught in Pinwheels, including completion of the Vowel Chart (all vowel sounds and spellings).
  • Wand introduces authentic text. While this text is grade-appropriate, it is not controlled for learned phonics patterns (as in Pinwheels), so the level is more challenging for students.
  • Lessons in Wand are designed around the reading selection, so each selection offers some review of familiar concepts as well as the introduction of new or deeper concepts discovered within the literature. The phonics and spelling lessons are derived from meaningful text.


Should I purchase Wand or Pinwheels?

  • Pinwheels is the place to start for new or early readers. Use Wand if you have completed Years 1 and 2 of Pinwheels.
  • For struggling learners, Pinwheels offers a more sequential, step-by-step learning path with a varied and robust amount of practice materials. It is comprehensive and designed to help students experience success in original writing. 


How long will it take to complete all three levels of Wand?

Wand is designed to be completed in approximately one school year. However, completion time is dependent upon many factors including actual instructional hours per week, as well as each student’s learning pace and need for modifications. 


Can Wand be used to teach an older student?

Wand uses reading material that is appropriate for a 2nd grade reading level. If you are working with an older student in order to fill-in knowledge gaps, you can use the suggested reading and copywork lessons to build foundational skills. However, you should also add in reading material that is age or interest-level appropriate for your student. Be aware that this material will require educator support for unknown phonics and spelling patterns as well as comprehension. Use Wand in combination with our educator training master-class: Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling. Wand includes a Wand Teaching Routine & Cross-Reference Guide to give you suggested lesson combinations and alternative reading selections.


Can Wand be used to teach a younger student?

Wand introduces educators and students to lessons based on authentic age-level text. This means that concepts that students were able to identify in controlled text can become obscured in less predictable sentence structure and vocabulary. If students do not have a foundation in short vowel sounds, sound-to-letter connections, early introduction to word structure, or early Consonant-Vowel-Consonant word reading and writing, we recommend starting with Pinwheels. Pinwheels is a comprehensive literacy program that is designed to strengthen student’s writing skills, so choose an appropriate level of Pinwheels based on your student’s original writing skills.


Can Wand help students who struggle with language difficulties?

The three most common causes of reading and writing delay are dyslexia, dysgraphia, and developmental language disorders. Wand incorporates evidence-based instruction that explicitly teaches phonics and spelling patterns, especially vowel team patterns. Each unit provides weekly copywork and dictation lessons for meaningful, consolidated spelling and writing practice. Research also supports connecting this instruction with meaningful text, so Wand units are designed around grade-appropriate literature. 

For robust therapeutic instruction and practice materials, we strongly recommend combining Wand with our online educator training course: Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling. This course teaches additional explicit lessons and provides additional student materials. A Wand Teaching Routine & Cross-Reference Guide is provided to help you add in supplemental Foundations lessons. We strongly recommend that all students who are not comfortable writing at the sentence level begin with Pinwheels, as it is designed to launch original writing.


Do I need any other materials to teach with Wand? 

To complete the lessons in Wand, you will need to secure the books on the Wand Book List, viewable in the product images above or this download. The book selections are typically available in most libraries.


How can I purchase Wand using my charter school funds?

  • Charter schools can contact us to issue a purchase order to Rooted in Language. The purchase order must include the home educator’s email address for delivery of the digital product.
  • Charter schools can purchase Wand on your behalf through our online Shop. The family's email address must be entered at checkout for delivery of the product; then the charter school proceeds to PayPal for payment where the school's email address is entered for a PayPal receipt. 
  • If Rooted in Language is not already an approved vendor with your charter school, contact us so we can complete your charter’s vendor application. 


What are my printing options? Who are your print partners and how much does it cost to print through them?

  • Wand can be printed at home, through one of our print Partners, or through a printing company of your choice. Some local libraries offer free or discounted printing.  
  • Some print Partners provide discounts for RiL customers. Please contact the print company to inquire about their pricing. RiL does not receive remuneration from any print company nor control their print prices.


I already purchased one level of Wand. How can I purchase the remaining separate Wand levels that I need?

If you previously purchased a separate level of Wand and need to purchase the remaining separate levels, please contact us for assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

We’re about a week and half away from finishing Wand and we used it for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade. We loved it! My 9 year old is now a wonderful reader and writer and our beloved, hand-crafted L.A. Binder will be a resource we use for many years, I’m sure! I tell everyone I can about Wand.


My 13 year old is using Wand 2. She started RiL at age 10 and has worked through Pinwheels Year 2, Wand 1 & now Wand 2. I believe with 99% certainty that she has some form of dyslexia and/or dysgraphia. She is a lifelong homeschooler and though school is a daily battle for her, we have seen remarkable progress since beginning with RiL materials 3 years ago.


I want to share a big success for us. Last year at the end of first grade in public school my daughter took a standardized test at home with me. The results were bad . . . she was really below grade level. I was shocked and dismayed. I knew my daughter was smarter than what she was showing, so I set out to figure out the disconnect. Turns out she is dyslexic - which does run in my family. I started researching and figured out that I had to do things differently. We left public school (which I had been wanting to do anyway) and started homeschooling with RiL’s Wand. We completed all three levels of the Wand this year in 2nd grade. I felt like we made progress, but I still didn’t feel like we had come as far as I thought we should. We took the standardized test again this year. She scored well above grade level in reading! I was just floored! The difference in my child is pretty unbelievable. It was harder for me to see because I’ve been there for every moment of the process, but those who weren’t (i.e. my mom) say the difference is remarkable. All this to say - RIL is the real deal. It works. I’m a special education teacher, and I believe it’s better than any school curriculum that I’ve seen.


I’m using Wand with my delayed 13 yr old and she loves it. It has helped me put the pieces of a LA binder together and the flow of things.


I have the original Wand but bought the new one anyway! I'm so so glad I did. Excellent remodel, my eyes and brain love the layout, colors, examples, appendix, overview page . . . well all of it!!