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Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling Educator Course
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Rooted in Language

Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling Educator Course

Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling Educator Course

Online Educator Master Course with PDF Downloads

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First year access $199; optional annual renewal $75

Teach students, grades 2-12, the most critical skills needed for successful literacy.

A strong foundation means building the essential elements required to become fluent and independent readers, writers, and spellers. Every student must master the foundational skills presented in this course. A weak foundation will continually stand in the way of progress, so tackle these skills with your students now!

This "teach as you learn" master course shows you what to teach, when to teach, and how to teach. As you learn each new concept and teaching strategy, you can immediately implement that instruction with your students.

Foundations is a “living” course with periodic content additions, updates, and up to four LIVE teaching sessions with Q&A opportunities per year. Your class purchase includes access to over 40 hours of instructional videos and downloadable materials for one year, with optional discounted renewal. 

Scroll down for detailed specifications, scope, and FAQs.

Give the gift of confidence to yourself and your students with this comprehensive course!

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

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Additional Description

Embark on an educational journey rich in literacy instruction, including: 

  • phonics and spelling patterns, and the RiL Vowel Chart
  • phonological processing and sound blending
  • multisyllables and stress
  • morphology, word study, and the Affix Chart
  • essential reading and writing practice 

This master course provides a full scope and sequence for teaching spelling, focusing on patterns and explaining inconsistencies. All activities ensure that students engage in the meaningful practice needed to build learner independence.

This course also includes modifications and recommendations for students with learning difficulties. 


Online Educator Master Course hosted on Thinkific, an organized online learning platform

  • File count: 9 core PDFs
  • Page count: 517 pages
  • Video count: 215 educator training videos
  • Video hours: 40+ instructional hours
  • Grade level: 2-12
  • 1-year access with optional discounted annual renewal
  • 44 training modules plus additional educator support modules
  • Periodic content updates, additions, and up to four LIVE sessions with Q&A opportunities per year
  • Student samples demonstrating the application of teaching strategies


The following list provides the teaching scope for the Foundations course:


  • Teaching Principles and Key Strategies for Writing Growth
  • The Reading & Writing Brain
  • Sound-to-Letter Connections
  • Consonants, Vowels, Syllables
  • Basic Word Parts, Spelling
  • Phonological Processing
  • Writing Practice & Editing
  • Customized & Engaged Learning
  • Application in reading & writing: words, sentence, paragraphs
  • Application in Intentional Copywork, Dictation & Editing


  • Measure skills in phonological processing, phonics, spelling, and morphology
  • Causes of Reading & Writing Delays


  • Learning consonants for speech
  • IPA and the English consonant system
  • Historical alphabet changes and spelling reform
  • Blending, troubleshooting blends vs. individual sounds
  • Sound Siblings & Sound Cousins, H-Teams
  • Sound of /k/ – c vs. k
  • Short vowel signals: consonant doubling, SLFZ, ck, tch, x, ng, nk
  • Sounds of /k-s/ – x, ks, cks; suffix -s vs. letter x
  • Soft-c and Soft-g


  • IPA and English vowels
  • The Vowel Chart, vowel review activities
  • Historical changes in vowels
  • Short vowel sounds and spellings
  • Schwa
  • Jobs of the single Silent-e
  • Long vowel sounds and spellings, including broken vowel teams
  • Vowel team sounds and spellings: /oo/, /ʊ/, Bossy-R’s, ou/ow, oi/oy, au/aw
  • The Great Vowel Shift and short vowel spellings

Phonological Processing

  • Sound tracking
  • Segmenting, blending, and advanced practice & games
  • Processing weakness


  • Segmenting and blending syllables
  • Open syllables and syllable types
  • Managing multisyllable words
  • Stable syllables with free & bound base words
  • Syllable stress & the schwa
  • Rime patterns

Word Study

  • Morphology and basic word parts: prefixes, base words, suffixes
  • Compound words, homonyms, contractions
  • Affix Chart, chameleon prefixes
  • Word Bags, Word Webs, Word Matrix
  • Three sounds of suffix -ed
  • Word origins
  • Suffix -er vs. Bossy-R
  • Spelling rules: Doubling, Drop the e, Change y to i
  • History of the English language, language origin clues
  • Stable syllables with free & bound base words
  • Silent letters
  • Function vs. content words
  • Four levels of word investigation


  • Educator Guide (277 pages): module outlines, activities, and educator resources (printing optional)
  • Assessments (49 pages): qualitative assessments to evaluate current skill level, identify areas needing explicit instruction and targeted practice, and measure growth
  • Reading Kit (164 pages): student practice materials including word-level practice for single and multisyllable words, sentence-level practice, word derivative lists for word study analysis, passage/story-level practice
  • Manipulatives Packet (27 pages): student manipulatives for activities and learning tools (cardstock recommended; lamination optional)
  • Additional supportive educator videos and downloadable resources

Viewing and Printing

  • Videos presented in short segments organized by module
  • Printing educator materials is optional
  • Printing can be outsourced to any printing company you choose, including an RiL print Partner. Please contact the print company to inquire about their pricing. RiL does not receive remuneration from any print company nor control their print prices.

License and Terms of Use

  • 1-year access to the course and all its materials, for the purchaser’s use with their own students only
  • Subscription can be canceled at any time; however, there are no refunds. If a subscription is canceled, access will expire on the 1-year anniversary of the last payment. Subscriptions are automatically renewed although there is no obligation to renew.
  • For the homeschool educator and tutor, you may print materials for your ongoing personal use with your own students. Annual license renewal, offered at a discounted price, is required for continued access to new materials, updates, and live instructional sessions with Q&A’s.
  • For the classroom teacher, you may print materials for your own use and for your classroom students for a single school year. After one year, continued use requires annual license renewal, offered at a discounted price.
  • Please direct other educators to the Rooted in Language Shop to purchase the Foundations course for their own use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Foundations is for every homeschool educator, tutor, and classroom language arts teacher who teaches students reading, writing, and spelling. Other subject teachers who support the development of language arts skills will also benefit from this course. 

The content is foundational for any student at any age, but the reading materials were designed for students from grade 2 and above. Foundations covers the essential skills you need to teach your students as they develop into good readers, writers, and spellers. 


What is unique about Foundations?

  • Teaching strategies based on the latest research in reading, writing, and spelling
  • Delivered through the online learning platform, Thinkific, for flexible engagement with course content
  • Syllabus/table of contents for easy course navigation
  • Module format, delivering content in manageable segments
  • Support materials and activities to apply lessons
  • Reading Kit with word lists, sentences, passages, word study derivative lists, and comprehension discussion prompts
  • Qualitative assessment tools to determine which concepts have been mastered vs. concepts where students need more targeted practice. Assessments are also a means to measure growth over time.
  • Periodic new or updated content
  • Up to four live instructional sessions with Q&A’s per year


Should I take Foundations or use the Pinwheels Curriculum?

The Foundations course begins with basic CVC words with short vowel sounds (i.e. cat, tin, got). The Pinwheels program is designed for younger and struggling students and covers every aspect of literacy instruction, including skill-appropriate reading and writing practice. If your student is still learning their alphabet and learning to read and spell basic short vowel CVC words, then we recommend Pinwheels Year 1

If your student has basic alphabet and word knowledge but still needs to practice blends, reading and spelling two-syllable words, introductory sentence structures, and basic word structure, we recommend completing Pinwheels Year 2 before starting Foundations.

If you have a middle grade learner who has gaps in their fundamental reading skills and is not writing, we recommend starting with either Pinwheels Year 1 or Year 2, depending on which level of skills needs to be strengthened.

If you have a middle grade or older student who struggles with fundamental literacy skills, but is writing, we recommend starting with this Foundations course. 


Can Foundations be used with much older students? 

Yes. Research supports the need for students to practice spelling and word study throughout the high school years. The Foundations course begins with basic concepts in phonics, phonemic awareness, word study, and spelling, but continues to complex reading, writing, and spelling skills. This allows educators to review key concepts while also advancing their students in these vital skill areas. 


Can Foundations be used with students who struggle in literacy and spelling?  

Yes. The Foundations course is based on research in the Science of Reading and provides evidence-based instruction that is explicit and systematic. It has everything you need to meet your students where they are so that you can move them to where they need to be! Use the provided assessments to gauge your student’s current skills and identify areas of struggle. We demonstrate how you can make the most of the effective strategies taught in the course. Then you use the course materials to provide explicit instruction and support as your student practices and grows key skills.


Do you offer other educator training classes?

Yes. Our Foundations course is generally the recommended starting place. Depending on your students’ needs, we suggest the following classes for your continued educator development:

  • Handwriting Struggle & Intervention Educator Class
  • Grammar & Mechanics Educator Class
  • Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension Educator Class
  • Supported Writing & Editing Educator Class


Should I take Roots Entwined or Foundations?

If you are new to Rooted in Language or you have not already taken the three former classes that Foundations replaced (Laying a Path: Phonics & Spelling, Laying a Path: Word Study, and the Vowel Chart class), we recommend taking Foundations first, before Roots Entwined. Foundations teaches the detailed concepts, discrete skills, and teaching strategies which, if taken before Roots Entwined, will make Roots Entwined more impactful for you.

If you have already taken the original three classes that Foundations replaced (Laying a Path: Phonics & Spelling, Laying a Path: Word Study, and the Vowel Chart class), we highly recommend taking Roots Entwined next. You’ve learned great teaching strategies and concepts from the classes you’ve already taken. Now it’s time to learn how to bring it all together with the practice of consolidating all literacy skills through Intentional Copywork, Dictation & Editing along with original writing. Roots Entwined is live, online group coaching, over the 9-month period from September – May that is individualized based on your specific students’ needs. We support you in identifying goals, creating your LA plan, and executing that plan. Roots Entwined teaches you a process and how to put that process into practice. If you’d like more support and materials after taking Roots Entwined, then consider the Foundations class in the subsequent year.


Do you offer a Certificate of Completion for continuing education?

Yes. After finishing the course, please contact us to request a Certificate of Completion. Rooted in Language will, in turn, deliver a downloadable Certificate of Completion to you within 5 business days. Your Certificate can be submitted for CEU’s; however, acceptance is subject to each governing body’s rules and approval. 


For schools or classroom teachers: We have several teachers in our school who need to take the Foundations course? Do you offer group pricing?

Yes. We would love for all your classroom teachers to benefit from the professional development that Foundations provides. Each purchase of Foundations includes a single 1-year Foundations license for a single educator. A separate purchase must be made for each teacher who will take Foundations. If you have 3 or more teachers in your school who will be taking Foundations, please contact us for group pricing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nichole W.
Another Outstanding Course From the Rooted In Crew

I'm only just shy of half way through the course, and am in awe of how these ladies support you in your teacher/parent/coach role. The depth and breadth of their understanding of the English language, and how to impart that knowledge in an effective, usable manner is a wonderful breath of fresh air. It's just the right amount of hand holding I have come to appreciate. Knocked it out of the park yet again Ladies. This momma is grateful, thank you!


You have outdone yourself! As someone who took the original classes several years ago, I can't believe how great the updates are and how organized and beautiful all of the material is. You are giving us so much value with the assessments, the explicit practice ideas, the reading kit, and the deep learning. I am so excited about this class! As your kiddo grows and you move into a new stage, or start over with a new kid, it's nice to be able to go back and listen with fresh ears about a topic.

Jenn, Home Educator & Former Classroom Teacher

The Foundations course is PHENOMENAL! I'm loving the synthesis of information and the Thinkific platform is incredibly functional and so well organized. I am appreciating the review and updates based on the most current research. This is such an incredible value... I really can't say enough about it! Today I was reminded about how my education coursework was often broken into theory and practice/methods. This workshop feels like a class that encompasses both. I have learned SO much from RiL due to their research-based, speech language pathology informed approach!


I absolutely love the Foundations modules! It’s provided some much needed structure to what felt like my scattered approach! My brain thanks you! I did the Know the Code Assessment with my 15-year-old today & he knew them all! We still have work to do but we’re making progress! RiL- You ladies are amazing! I cannot thank you enough. My son would not be where he is today without your teaching & persistence in an education system that seems stacked against you. Keep persevering for our children’s sake!

Jennifer, Dyslexia Specialist

I really appreciate all these insights from the SLP's perspective and the clinician's perspective of working with students with learning differences. I can't tell you how many times I've wished I earned my master's as an SLP instead of a reading specialist. Thank you for sharing your specialized knowledge. You're really breaking down the skill set of learning to read and write into these subskills that others don’t acknowledge or teach us (educators) to do. . . . It's always reassuring to hear about your honest experiences working with struggling learners and how we can adjust our teaching and planning - short term and long term. This is valuable for all students but critical for those who struggle.