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Sticky Ideas
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Rooted in Language

Sticky Ideas

Sticky Ideas

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Students of all ages and writing abilities can reach new heights (and depths) as you guide them through any writing project in a fun and functional way using Sticky Ideas! 

And in the process . . . they'll gain confidence as their writing skills flourish.

Every Sticky Ideas activity includes multisensory approaches that help students capture, organize, and expand their thoughts on paper using bits & pieces of writing. From participating in conversation to writing on sticky notes, show your students how to plan for and write a great paragraph, essay, and even paper. 

No more staring at a blank page, incapable of getting thoughts to flow from head to hand. Through Sticky Ideas, students don’t just learn to write . . . they develop and enhance their self-expression, creativity, and critical thinking skills!

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

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  • Grade level: K -12
  • File count: 1 PDF
  • Page count: 9 pages
  • 3 writing activities for repeated use throughout the year with students of all ages and writing abilities
  • Contains educator instructional content (printing is optional)
  • Free download: 1 PDF (10 pages) Handwriting Paper


Writing practice that includes:

  • Learning and applying the writing process
  • Topic generation and expansion
  • Freewriting
  • Partnership writing
  • Evaluating order and organizing thoughts for larger pieces of writing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Sticky Ideas with younger students?

Yes. These activities include many suggestions and opportunities for modifying the amount of writing or the complexity of writing. Ideas also include shared writing approaches that provide modeling and inspiration for younger students. 


Will Sticky Ideas help my student who struggles?

Yes. Sticky Ideas is based around a concept we call bits & pieces of writing. The approaches encourage students to capture thoughts on paper in small, manageable amounts that are less overwhelming for those who struggle with putting pen to paper. These small written thoughts eventually lead to larger output, but in a controlled and supportive way! 


Do I need any other materials to teach with Sticky Ideas?

The name says it all! Sticky Ideas generates bits & pieces of writing using sticky notes in a variety of colors and sizes. We recommend starting with a few colors of 3x3 unlined and 4x4 lined sticky notes. 


Can I use Sticky Ideas with other programs?

Yes. These writing activities can be used to enhance any writing or language arts program.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic idea to get kids writing. And so much fun using the sticky notes idea!!


I just love the Sticky Ideas packet. It seemed so simple at first but I’m finding more and more ways that bits & pieces of writing are adding up for really deep comprehension.


My child loves the sticky ideas packet. Not sure why we didn’t try this sooner!