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Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension Educator Class
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Rooted in Language

Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension Educator Class

Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension Educator Class

Recorded Educator Class with PDF Download

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Reading is a big skill that literally changes brains, so it’s no wonder that it can require a lot of very intentional instruction, especially for students who struggle. Faster speed is commonly equated with good reading skills, but that’s often not the case.

Comprehension is the ultimate goal, and this class addresses the necessary ingredients.

Reading independence is built not only on strong decoding skills, but also from necessary reading fluency and attention to the layers of meaning. No matter their age or skill level, your students can grow each of these reading skills through your explicit instruction and purposeful practice. We’ll show you how! 

Through the Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension master educator class, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the three reading domains – accuracy, fluency, and comprehension – and the research behind each area
  • Discover how to identify your students’ gaps in learning
  • Implement effective intervention strategies and explicit instruction 
  • Apply reading strategies to all levels of text: controlled, skill-appropriate, and challenging
  • Learn how and why to teach comprehension monitoring to your students 
  • Understand reading comprehension and its relationship with background knowledge, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Implement project-based instruction and writing strategies for the deepest level of learning

Your students will:

  • Improve their overall reading skills
  • Track their own decoding skills
  • Monitor their understanding of text as they read
  • Engage in explicit comprehension practice using writing strategies
  • Become accurate and efficient readers, writers, and deep thinkers

Comprehension strategies are critical to literacy instruction, whether applied during early reading acquisition or used across the middle and high school years.

Ultimately, you will give your students the tools to tackle any piece of text – and the ability to translate their comprehension skills into writing. You’ll give them independence through literacy!

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

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  • Recorded Educator Class
  • File count: 1 PDF
  • Page count: 44 pages
  • Video count: 2 videos
  • Instructional hours: 6.5 hours of recorded instruction
  • Grade level: 3-12
  • Ongoing access to instructional videos
  • Comprehensive Instructional Plan with strategies that can be used with any text across all subject areas
  • Explicit demonstrations and student examples provided throughout
  • Ongoing support through Office Hours drop-in sessions
  • 2 pages of reproducible student resources
  • Free download: 1 PDF (10 pages) Handwriting Paper


Reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension are complex domains utilizing a variety of intertwined skills — all needed to obtain effective reading and writing ability. Teaching content includes:

  • Reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension definitions and components, such as word recognition, reading speed, vocabulary, and background knowledge
  • Current research in each of these three reading domains
  • Instructional strategies practiced in reading and writing that specifically target accuracy, fluency, and comprehension skills
  • Listening comprehension vs. reading comprehension
  • Types of text and when to use each: controlled, grade-level, and challenge
  • Three modes of learning: language-based, text-based, concept-based
  • Fast thinking vs. slow thinking
  • Comprehension monitoring strategies in fiction and nonfiction, such as Cornell notes, written narration, and tracking story structures and plot elements
  • Project-based instruction to combine reading and writing
  • Application across all subject areas

License and Terms of Use

  • Class recordings and materials are licensed for the purchaser’s use with their own students only.
  • Please direct other educators to the Rooted in Language Shop to purchase the class for their own use.
  • We reserve the right to remove access to the video recording at any point, but we will provide ample warning if doing so becomes necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this class? 

Every home educator, tutor, and classroom teacher who wishes to strengthen and deepen their student’s reading skills will benefit from this class and its insights.

Educators working with students who have weak reading comprehension due to dyslexia and developmental language delays will gain the knowledge required to provide effective intervention.

Educators working with students who have weak handwriting skills due to dysgraphia will find meaningful writing activities that are easily modified for different skill levels. Through deep learning with meaningful practice, you will grow your students’ reading, writing, and editing skills. 


What age and skill levels do the strategies in this class support?

This class is designed for educators working with students who have at least acquired basic reading and writing skills (students must be able to read and write basic sentences) and are ready to grow those skills. Age-appropriate concepts included in this class are taught to students who are acquiring literacy skills (typically grades K-2) in our Pinwheels curriculum. 

With this class, you will gain an understanding of the essential areas of instruction to strengthen skills across advancing grade levels. Since every learner is progressing at their own pace, you can apply the strategies taught in this class to any text on your student’s reading journey. Through the teachings in this class, you will be able to support your growing readers and writers using effective, scaffolded reading instruction and comprehension strategies.


Will the Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension class help my student who struggles?

Yes. The content taught in this class is useful for teaching any student who is reading sentence-level text, including students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and developmental language delays. For students with language delays, weak syntax and vocabulary are their two most likely areas of weakness that impacts their comprehension, according to research. This program follows a functional approach, using evidence-based therapeutic strategies from the field of Speech-Language therapy and designed to support these areas of weakness. 

For students with dyslexia and dysgraphia, their weak reading and writing skills interrupt their ability to coordinate all the areas of literacy needed for successful reading comprehension (and writing composition) — including accuracy and fluency! Using the strategies taught in this class, you will help students who struggle by teaching all three reading skill areas explicitly and systematically. The functional and therapeutic reading comprehension strategies taught in this class will improve students’ attention to text, deepening their thinking and writing output.


Rather than watch the entire class upfront, can I use the material right away? 

Yes. If preferred, you can stop the video after each new concept and put your new learning into practice with your students before resuming the training. However, the class is divided into three parts: first accuracy, then fluency, then comprehension. It ends with a variety of project ideas. It is best to watch the class in its entirety to gain the broadest understanding of how these domains interweave. So even if you implement new learning as you watch, be sure to complete the class in a timely manner. Remember, you will have ongoing access to the instructional videos and can review concepts previously watched.


What are Rooted in Language educator training classes and why do I need them?

All language arts studies rely on complex underlying language skills. Success in reading and writing requires explicit teaching strategies that cross these intertwined skill areas. In our educator training classes, we teach you methods that are effective, research-based, and supportive of all students, especially those with learning difficulties. 

We provide and demonstrate deep learning strategies for the specified content area in each of our classes, so you know what to teach and how to teach it, across all age and learning levels.


Do you offer a Certificate of Completion for continuing education?

Yes. After finishing the class, please contact us to request a Certificate of Completion. Rooted in Language will, in turn, deliver a downloadable Certificate of Completion to you within 5 business days. Your Certificate can be submitted for CEU’s; however, acceptance is subject to each governing body’s rules and approval. 


For schools or classroom teachers: We have several teachers in our school who would benefit from the Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension class? Do you offer group pricing?

Yes. We would love for all your classroom teachers to benefit from the professional development that the Reading AFC class provides. If you have 3 or more teachers in your school who will be taking the class, please contact us for group pricing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I just would like to say that when I started this series of classes, my struggling reader was having such a hard time decoding. If I would sit with her and have her read with a pencil, she could comprehend the sentences she read (mostly), but if she was given something (at a much lower reading level) to read on her own, she would sit and get stuck and/or distracted while decoding and had inconsistent or limited comprehension of what she was reading. Since implementing the strategies in RiL’s classes, her fluency has skyrocketed. Just yesterday, she read a copywork passage to me, only pausing TWICE to sound something out (and with only one error in the passage!). She even giggled while reading a sentence, comprehending the humor in it. This is so far away from where we were in September. I could cry with gratitude for your classes. It has made language arts so much more enjoyable for me, my struggling learner AND my typical learner. Thank you so much for what you do.


I'm rewatching the class on Reading Accuracy and Comprehension for the 4th time. The reminders of why I am working so hard (instead of buying a workbook) to create lessons, go deep, have conversations, etc. for my children is timely for me. When your kid(s) struggle it can be so disheartening and exhausting. Also, the number of strategies to try and use are so varied and numerous in the classes and what has worked with 1 kid may not have worked with another so I need the reminders. If you are on the fence about investing in any of the classes, JUST DO IT! You won't regret it!


I took Foundations and am doing the Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension class right now and finding it quite valuable as it provides a deeper dive and additional strategies relevant to my struggling learner. It is also sparking some good ideas for ways to look at the comprehension demands of other subject areas and how to support those aspects in my child’s learning. I am not through the whole course yet but, so far, I’m glad I’ve invested the time and money in it.


I just finished the Reading Accuracy and Comprehension class. Thanks for another information-packed class. I love RiL’s classes so much and they've added a great deal of depth to my teaching.


I am going through the class this morning and had to pause to make this post. A little background - in high school I was in AP English classes and constantly struggled. I didn't understand the books at the same level that my peers seemed to effortlessly understand them. Eventually my mom and my school advisor decided to move me into the non-AP classes. It felt like such a shameful experience and I've carried that with me into adulthood. In this class, Rita, Moira, and Claire are talking about teaching kids to infer what's going on in the text and I started tearing up. I don't remember being taught that as a skill and that is precisely what I struggled with in those AP classes. Hearing that there is a way to help my kids learn this particular skill left me in tears with so much gratitude for RiL’s classes. And it left me with more grace towards my struggling high school self. Thank you RiL. I am continually in awe of what I learn from you ladies.