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Grammar & Mechanics Educator Class
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Rooted in Language

Grammar & Mechanics Educator Class

Grammar & Mechanics Educator Class

Recorded Educator Class with PDF Download

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Give your students the power to understand and apply grammatical concepts, and you’ll give them the knowledge and resources to grow their literacy skills — and their independence.

Once your students understand this functional approach to grammar, their use, skill, and appreciation will soar! Even if you are intimidated by grammar, these steps and practical tools will let you teach with confidence. 

Through the Grammar & Mechanics educator class, you will:

  • Learn what, when, and how to teach foundational grammar skills
  • Utilize methods that work with all students, no matter their age or skill level, including those with language difficulties 
  • Develop a functional approach to grammar instruction rooted in context and meaning 
  • Implement teaching strategies that are fun, applicable, and memorable for your students
  • Learn and teach a meaningful sentence marking system
  • Support and develop your students’ reading comprehension, original writing skills, and editing skills
  • Become adept at identifying and manipulating grammar concepts for all levels of text

Your students will:

  • Develop a practical, usable, understanding of language in more ways than you ever imagined
  • Gain ownership over their learning by creating their own LA Binder reference pages as a guide and resource
  • Grow deep comprehension skills with increasingly complex reading passages with complicated syntax
  • Flourish as writers by gaining tools to develop clarity and depth, maturing their expressive language skills

Your students can achieve proper, effective, and ultimately elegant use of language – through you – with this class!

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

If you teach at a school with a current RiL Grammar Bugs School License, you already have access to this educator class and do not need to purchase it separately. Contact your school administrator for access to the class through your licensed subscription.

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  • File count: 1 PDF
  • Page count: 72 pages
  • Video count: 3 videos
  • Instructional hours: 9.5 hours of recorded instruction
  • Grade level: 1-12
  • Ongoing access to instructional videos
  • Embedded video timestamps to quickly and easily navigate to each instructional level
  • Comprehensive Instructional Plan with strategies that can be used with any text across all subject areas
  • Explicit demonstrations and student examples provided throughout
  • Educator practice sentences for immediate application of new learning
  • Ongoing support through Office Hours drop-in sessions
  • 12 pages of student resources for creating LA Binder reference pages
  • 4 page Glossary of Terms


Grammar & Mechanics focuses on explicitly teaching sentence structure, editing mechanics, and comprehension for the best reading and writing foundation. Teaching content includes strategies to help students learn, practice, and apply grammar concepts, all taught through functional usage in context, including:

Parts of a Sentence 

  • Subjects and verbs
  • Types of verbs and verb tense
  • Direct objects, subject complements, locative complements

Sentence Mechanics

  • Capitalization
  • Basic and complex punctuation

Sentence Structures

  • Simple, compound, and complex sentences
  • Coordinating conjunctions
  • Subordinating conjunctions
  • Questions
  • Commands 


  • Independent clauses
  • Dependent clauses
  • Restrictive vs. nonrestrictive clauses
  • Correct comma usage

Phrases and their Functional Usage

  • Prepositional 
  • Noun and verb 
  • Verbals: participial, infinitive, and gerund 
  • Appositives and relative phrases & clauses

All parts of speech and their functional usage

License and Terms of Use

  • Class recordings and materials are licensed for the purchaser’s use with their own students only.
  • Please direct other educators to the Rooted in Language Shop to purchase the class for their own use.
  • We reserve the right to remove access to the video recording at any point, but we will provide ample warning if doing so becomes necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this class? 

Every homeschool educator, tutor, and classroom teacher who wishes to engage their students in fun and functional grammar instruction will benefit from this class. Through deep learning with meaningful practice, you will grow your students’ reading comprehension, writing, and editing skills. 

Note: If you teach at a school with a current RiL Grammar Bugs School License, you already have access to this class and do not need to purchase it separately. Contact your school administrator for access to the class through your licensed subscription.


What age and skill levels do the strategies in this class support?

The Grammar & Mechanics class is designed for educators working with students who have at least acquired basic reading and writing skills (students must be able to read and write basic sentences). Age-appropriate concepts included in this class are taught to younger students (K-2) in our Pinwheels and Wand programs, as well as Grammar Bugs 1: Sentence Types. Early and repeated exposure to basic grammar concepts deepens comprehension skills in growing readers and writers. 


Will the Grammar & Mechanics class help my student who struggles?

Yes. The content taught in this class is useful for teaching any student at any age or skill level, including students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and developmental language delays. For students with language delays, weak syntax and vocabulary are the two most likely areas of weakness, according to the research. This program follows a functional approach to teaching grammar, using evidence-based therapeutic strategies from the field of Speech-Language therapy. 

For students with dyslexia and dysgraphia, their weak reading and writing skills interrupt their ability to coordinate all the areas of literacy needed for successful reading comprehension and writing composition — including grammar! Using the strategies taught in this class, you will help students who struggle by teaching grammar explicitly and systematically, in a way that is functional — impacting their spelling, writing composition and mechanics, and reading comprehension.


Rather than watch the entire class upfront, can I use the material right away? 

Yes. If preferred, you can stop the video after each new concept and put your new learning into practice with your students before resuming the training. You also have ongoing access to the instructional videos and can review concepts previously watched.


What are Rooted in Language educator training classes and why do I need them?

All language arts studies rely on complex underlying language skills. Success in reading and writing requires explicit teaching strategies that cross these intertwined skill areas. In our educator training classes, we teach you methods that are effective, research-based, and supportive of all students, especially those with learning difficulties. 

We provide and demonstrate deep learning strategies for the specified content area in each of our classes, so you know what to teach and how to teach it, across all age and learning levels.


Do you offer a Certificate of Completion for continuing education?

Yes. After finishing the class, please contact us to request a Certificate of Completion. Rooted in Language will, in turn, deliver a downloadable Certificate of Completion to you within 5 business days. Your Certificate can be submitted for CEU’s; however, acceptance is subject to each governing body’s rules and approval. 


For schools or classroom teachers: We have several teachers in our school who need to take the Grammar & Mechanics class? Do you offer group pricing?

We would love for all your classroom teachers to benefit from the professional development that the Grammar & Mechanics class provides. If you have 2 or more teachers in your school who will be taking the class, consider our Grammar Bugs School License, which includes a 1-year license for the complete Grammar Bugs program and the Grammar & Mechanics educator class. The school license provides the best value, making these resources available to all the teachers in a single school location. Annual renewal is available at a discounted price.

Customer Reviews

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I’m revamping the way we do grammar in our home with the help of RiLs strategies. During our first lesson, the kids (5th and 7th) told me that we should have always done grammar this way. I mean, it took me only 7 homeschool years to finally get it.

Alexis, 8th grade English teacher

Wow!! The content I learned through the Grammar & Mechanics course was inspiring and tangible. The Rooted in Language staff clearly explained the importance grammar plays in writing, reading comprehension, and editing. This is the best professional development I have encountered.


Grammar taught by Rooted in Language is taught functionally. I never realized why we needed to know and understand grammar until I took this class. Grammar moves way beyond just writing a sentence properly. As kids get older, they will start reading books with longer and more complicated sentences. Kids with weak syntax abilities won't understand the sentence or passage. I had never even heard of this but after taking the class, I saw it in action fully. I even tested some of the techniques out with my own kids and saw first-hand the gaps in their current foundation. When kids incorporate functional grammar techniques in their learning activities, they quickly become very capable of both reading challenging sentences and passages along with creating more interesting and engaging writing.