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Blart: A Little Blob of Art
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Rooted in Language

Blart: A Little Blob of Art

Blart: A Little Blob of Art

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Ever wonder what goes on in a sketchbook after it's closed? Meet Blart, a little blob of art who discovers that a sketchbook can be full of adventure! When Blart leaves his own page, he finds other forgotten bits of art and even some abandoned supplies. But what should a small blob do when he awakens the power and magic of art? This wordless adventure will delight students of all ages because of its humorous peek at what might happen in a book . . . after it’s closed. 

Wordless books are useful tools for developing students’ analytical thinking and writing skills. Blart includes writing and drawing extension activities, yet it is best used in conjunction with our book, Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension, to help students: 

  • Appreciate setting and its inspiration for understanding (and writing about) plot and theme 
  • Engage in conversational analysis, abstract thinking, and interpretation

Learn from Blart and his adventures. Then take your students on even more adventures with other picture books of your choosing. Blart can also be used with Annotating Literary Elements to help students create a written illustration of the plot arc. 

Let Blart be your start to teaching literacy skills that are visible and enjoyable, paired with a key RiL strategy called bits & pieces of writing. Writing in bits & pieces aids students on their journey to future independence. 

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

To purchase Blart in paperback instead of a PDF, buy on Amazon.

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  • Grade level: K -12
  • File count: 2 PDFs
  • Page count: 46 pages
  • Wordless picture book
  • 2 instructional pages of writing and drawing extension activities
  • Free download: 1 PDF (3 pages) Comprehension Instructional Guide that outlines an order of teaching for Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension in conjunction with Blart and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Blart with older students?

Yes. Using Blart with its companion book, Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension, students of any age will learn key strategies to improve their reading comprehension, expand their analysis of text, and deepen their writing skills. The activities and strategies are designed to be repeated over time, using other age and grade-appropriate literature. The writing activities focus on idea generation and fluency (getting thoughts on paper) rather than composition.


Will Blart help my student who struggles?

Yes. The strategies used with Blart in conjunction with Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension benefit all students, but they are especially supportive for learners who struggle with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and developmental language delays. 

Explicit activities develop abstract thinking, teaching the complex skills needed to analyze text, even when using wordless picture books. This type of writing is therapeutic for the learner who struggles, building their confidence for more writing as they grow. 


What is the best way to print the Blart PDF?

Blart should be printed single-sided or double-sided, one image per page, then stapled or spiral bound. Trimming pages to size is optional.

Printing as a booklet is dependent upon the proper settings for your printer. Since printers vary, we are not able to give specific guidance for booklet printing.


I purchased the paperback version of Blart on Amazon? Are there any supplemental activities or resources to go with it?

Yes. Download the following free resources:

Customer Reviews

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Amazon Review

As a former Early Childhood Education teacher and now a Grandmother, I highly recommend this book for children of all ages. Blart truly challenges the reader’s creativity. A delightful character!

Mrs. BKD, Amazon Review

I so love this book. The artwork is beautiful and the book is printed to look like a sketch book. A great book to encourage conversations and writing with your child.