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Sticky Ideas: Winter
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Rooted in Language

Sticky Ideas: Winter

Sticky Ideas: Winter

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Sticky Ideas: Winter is full of fun and effective language arts strategies and activities for those long, cold months. Warm up those winter days with multisensory learning that helps students connect with complex concepts. But don’t be fooled. These fun and functional activities can be used in every season of the year!

Your students will engage in bits & pieces of writing while growing their phonics, spelling, word study, vocabulary, and grammar skills. Guide them through the engaging language arts activities or let older students work independently as they get creative with language. 

The best approaches for reading and writing have consistent, memorable, manageable steps that involve conversation, collaboration, writing, and movement, supporting students as they develop flexible and critical thinking skills. Sticky Ideas: Winter sticks with students!

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

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  • Grade level: K -12 
  • File count: 1 PDF
  • Page count: 30 pages
  • Winter-themed language arts activities for repeated use with students of all ages and writing abilities
  • Activities can be easily replicated for any season
  • 9 pages of manipulative templates (cardstock recommended, lamination optional)


Word Study and Vocabulary

  • Exploring base words and finding derivatives
  • Synonyms
  • Word categories


  • Subjects and verbs
  • Adjectives, adverbs, coordinating conjunctions
  • Rhymes

Original Writing in Bits & Pieces

  • Working with a prompt
  • Focused topic writing
  • Idea elaboration
  • Short-answer responses

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Sticky Ideas: Winter with older students?

Yes. The activities in Sticky Ideas: Winter are appropriate for students of all ages. Older students will find explicit writing support and opportunities for growth, ultimately leading to their independent use of these writing strategies.


Will Sticky Ideas: Winter help my student who struggles?

Yes. The activities in Sticky Ideas: Winter are both mutisensory and multimodal, meaning they use more than one mode of language — listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Tools that pull learning "off the page" and get students engaged in different modes make concepts more successful and memorable for all students, especially those who struggle.


Can I use Sticky Ideas: Winter with any text across curricula?

Yes. The activities in Sticky Ideas: Winter enhance any text, whether you are supporting reading comprehension through grammar or word study analysis, or increasing writing fluency through idea generation and elaboration.

Customer Reviews

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We used the handy grammar materials in Sticky Ideas: Winter to review subjects, verbs and adjectives and then introduce adverbs with my 6 and 8 year olds. So many payday moments . . . they remembered N/V/Adj and were able to quickly develop an understanding of adverbs as they go on the verb mitten. Love being able to put all these resources to use!


My child loves the sticky ideas packet. Not sure why we didn’t try this sooner!