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Roots Entwined Educator Course
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Rooted in Language

Roots Entwined Educator Course

Roots Entwined Educator Course

Live Group Educator Coaching

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Join us for a year of support and coaching! 

Roots Entwined is a live, online educator training course that closely guides you in developing your own comprehensive language arts program. The course content is designed for homeschool educators and tutors who want to learn how to teach skills together in a comprehensive, effective manner.

You will begin in September with a live class to help you identify your students’ current skills and struggles, plus a private session to determine your focus for the year. Five more live classes will follow, scheduled through May. Throughout the school year, you will individualize your learning through group Q&As and a final private session!

Create your own Rooted in Language program, personalized for your student's needs, as you:

  • assess your student & create yearly goals
  • build effective lesson plans, layering in necessary skills and practice
  • select passages for Intentional Copywork, Dictation, and Editing
  • create projects to improve reading comprehension
  • apply strategies to increase original writing output
  • apply effective grammar and editing techniques

Dig deep into the many roots of language arts this year, and become the best educator to meet your students’ particular needs!

Build community as you learn in a small group with like-minded home educators. Attend live to learn best, or watch class recordings if life interferes. 

All materials and recordings are available through July — an extra 2 months after the live course ends! After purchase, download your Welcome Letter which details more information about our course schedule and onboarding process. 

BONUS: Many participants request ongoing support, so returning Roots Entwined members receive 50% off registration after their first year of enrollment.

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

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  • Live, interactive small-group coaching course from September–May
  • Hosted on Thinkific, an online learning platform
  • 6 live, 2-hour online instructional sessions, with teaching and assignments for immediate application with students
  • 4 live, interactive 90-minute online Q&A sessions, engaging in small group discussions to individualize student needs & troubleshoot
  • 2 live, 30-minute one-on-one private sessions with a RiL expert — one at the beginning of the course and one at the end — to focus your year and address individual challenges
  • Educator instructional materials provided throughout the course to build your own Roots Entwined resource binder, including: outlines, assessments, presentation materials, supporting resources, and assignments
  • Access to materials and recordings of all live sessions through July, 2 months after the live course ends
  • Private Roots Entwined community forum to ask questions and share ideas
  • Contributions from parent-mentors, including assignment samples & insights


Roots Entwined provides educator support in planning and executing a language arts plan that is specific to your students’ needs, along with establishing goals and troubleshooting learning challenges. Teaching content includes:

  • Understanding foundational skills and current research in reading & writing
  • Assessments and goal setting
  • Tailoring literacy instruction to your students’ needs
  • Step-by-step process for creating a comprehensive language arts plan, one layer at a time, including: phonics & spelling, handwriting, morphology & word study, reading comprehension, grammar, original writing & editing
  • Teaching routines & practices for each skill area
  • Weekly lesson planning process and monthly vision
  • Consolidation of skills through the practice of Intentional Copywork, Dictation & Editing
  • Incorporating metacognitive work with students
  • Small group community support


It is recommended that participants have completed one of the following prior to joining Roots Entwined:

  • Completed Pinwheels Year 1 and Year 2 with a new learner
  • Currently using Pinwheels with an older learner above grade 2
  • Currently using Wand and the Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling Educator Course
  • Currently working through the Foundations for Teaching Reading, Writing & Spelling Educator Course with an older learner above grade 2
  • Completed at least one educator class other than Foundations

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this class?

Any homeschool educator or tutor who wishes to improve their students' reading and writing will benefit greatly from Roots Entwined. All students benefit from the Intentional Copywork, Dictation, & Editing practices that are detailed and explored in this course, as well as the teaching strategies and planning process that provide the stepping stones you need for progress.


What age and skill levels do the strategies in this class support?

The course content is useful for educators working with students of any age or skill level. Class demonstrations include content across the elementary, middle, and high school grades.

You will gain an understanding of the essential areas of instruction to strengthen skills across advancing grade levels. You will be able to support your growing readers and writers using effective, scaffolded strategies throughout their learning years.


On what dates will the live sessions be held?

The dates and times for the live sessions are fluid, with the first half generally being finalized in September and the second half being finalized by January. Typically, we select a consistent day of the week and time of day for all live sessions throughout the course. Rest assured, if the selected live dates do not fit with your schedule, you can still benefit greatly from Roots Entwined by watching the class and Q&A recordings when it is convenient for you and applying the new teaching in your weekly lessons. Our private Roots Entwined community is a welcoming space where you can ask questions and receive feedback at any time.


What if I can’t attend live?

All live sessions are recorded and available to review through July, 2 months after the live course ends. Whether you missed a live class or attended it but need to refresh your understanding of a concept, you can access the recordings via the Thinkific online learning platform. Our private Roots Entwined community is a welcoming space where you can ask questions and receive feedback at any time.


Can I use the material right away? 

Yes. Roots Entwined is designed with assignments to be accomplished between classes. You will layer in assessments, planning, strategies and activities as the course progresses.


How is Roots Entwined different from other educator training?

All language arts studies rely on complex underlying language skills. Success in reading and writing requires the ability to intertwine these skill areas. Roots Entwined is designed for your personal exploration of your specific teacher-student challenges, and guidance on what is needed for progress.

The carefully spaced content and assignments, along with extensive, professional support, provides a nurturing, effective training ground for educators as you plan, implement, and problem-solve language arts instruction for the year.

Reading and writing are complex skills, and children who struggle with literacy have complicated needs. The year-long aspect of this course allows the RiL instructors to best support you in your quest to be the best teacher your students need, growing effective and successful readers and writers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Carrie Frillman
Give Roots Entwined a Try!

I first took the RE classes in 2021. Being familiar with RIL, but not confident in my ability to teach language arts in the RIL way, I felt sure that the learning sessions and accountability of the RE group would be good for me; boy, was I right! This class brought the RIL concepts all together and helped me to understand my son's writing struggles and how to better help him. Then, in 2022 I had a pretty major health issue come up that waylaid me, so I went back to basic 'open and go' style lessons to get through the school year. Unfortunately, my son did not make any writing progress during that time. Thankfully, in 2023, I decided to sign up for RE again . . . best educational decision I've made in a long time! What I found is that during my first round of RE I was able to scratch the surface and gain a basic understanding of the RIL concepts, but in my second round I was better able to put the concepts into practice with my son and we saw great gains in his writing. Whoop! Whoop! I highly recommend that you take this course . . . multiple times! You will not regret it.


I think one of the greatest blessings of doing this course was having my 15 year old dysgraphic son learn to write legibly for the first time in his life—not only print, but cursive.


Roots Entwined is SO WORTH it. We started back at the beginning with short vowels because of some major potholes, and the growth I saw this year with the support from RE was amazing. Not only in skill growth, but also in my daughter's attitude toward writing and reading.

Class Participant

I absolutely loved this class. The intentional copywork has focused our LA into something that is meaningful and successful for my kids. It has helped me be able to find certain aspects of a passage that I know we need to work on and then teach it in a way that my kids actually understand and then put into practice with their dictation. I think the whole class taught me to be a better educator of LA.


First off, Thank you! What I was looking for from this class was support and I got it! The rest was icing on the cake. In light of having a very reluctant, older, dysgraphic child, I appreciate the information surrounding ways to entice, encourage, inspire, appreciate, respect where he is at and where he hopes to go, even when he doesn't have the faith that he can get there. I loved the time that you mentioned that a bit can be a tiny post-it note. As well as when you said ‘set a small task of writing and then be done, remembering that they are tired even if you aren't.’ Lastly, I liked when you pointed out ideas to get the concept practiced via the various modalities-hearing, writing, speaking, seeing. Making this a complete language arts class!