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Bits & Pieces of Winter Writing Educator Class
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Rooted in Language

Bits & Pieces of Winter Writing Educator Class

Bits & Pieces of Winter Writing Educator Class

Recorded Seminar

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Learn 3 of our best strategies to get your students engaged and writing!

You’ll come to appreciate the value of having students think and write in bits & pieces and how this key approach moves students beyond their typical responses into the realm of deep comprehension and analysis. These writing strategies can be utilized across genres to keep the content varied, as students dive into the deep waters of literacy — rich in analysis and abstract thinking opportunities!

Everyone can use some writing inspiration, especially in the gloomy winter months. You’ll use two different types of texts to help students generate writing with depth — a song and a picture book! Then, they will generate their own quality sentences using a fun abstract thinking activity.

These writing strategies aren’t just for winter. They can be used again and again, with any season or topic, throughout the year!

Note: One activity is demonstrated using a Christmas holiday song, but the activity can be used with any song lyrics.

All Rooted in Language products incorporate research-based methods to support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorders, and other literacy-based struggles.

If you teach at a school with a current RiL Wand School License, you already have access to this educator class and do not need to purchase it separately. Contact your school administrator for access to the class through your licensed subscription.

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  • Recorded Seminar: 1.5 hours of video instruction
  • Grade level: 3-12
  • 3 writing strategies for repeated use with any season or topic
  • Ongoing access to instructional video
  • Ongoing support through Office Hours drop-in sessions

License and Terms of Use

  • Seminar recordings and materials are licensed for the purchaser’s use with their own students only.
  • Please direct other educators to the Rooted in Language Shop to purchase the seminar for their own use.
  • We reserve the right to remove access to the video recording at any point, but we will provide ample warning if doing so becomes necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this class? 

Every homeschool educator, tutor, and classroom teacher who wishes to engage their students in meaningful writing practice will benefit from taking this class. Students need time and practice to develop their essential literacy skills. This class provides the educator with seasonal activities that students find enjoyable as they engage in necessary practice. You’ll foster deeper learning and analytical thinking with activities that make writing manageable and fun!

Note: If you teach at a school with a current RiL Wand School License, you already have access to this class and do not need to purchase it separately. Contact your school administrator for access to the class through your licensed subscription.


What age and skill level do the strategies in this class support?

The content of this class is designed for children who have acquired basic reading and writing skills (students must be able to write down original, sentence-level thoughts). Because the activities are supported by the educator, they are therapeutic for use with students at varying ages or writing levels, including students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, expressive language difficulties, and other developmental language delays. Learn how to support your students along their journey, no matter their skill level. 


Will the Bits & Pieces of Winter Writing class help my student who struggles?

The content taught in this class is useful for teaching students who are working on their writing skills, including students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and developmental language delays. For students with language delays, weak vocabulary and abstract thinking skills are often areas of weakness, according to the research. In addition, these students need structure to help them create strong sentences in writing. These strategies provide support to students as they engage in writing sentences. 

For students with dyslexia and dysgraphia, their weak reading and writing skills interrupt their ability to coordinate all the areas of literacy needed for successful reading comprehension and writing composition — including attention to detail and comprehension of text. Using the strategies taught in this class, you will help these  students by teaching annotation and reader response in an explicit and systematic way. The bits & pieces strategy opens the way for project-level writing, laying groundwork for writing composition skills in the future.


Rather than watch the entire class upfront, can I use the material right away? 

Yes. If preferred, you can stop the video after each new concept and put your new learning into practice with your students before resuming the training. You also have ongoing access to the instructional videos and can return to concepts previously watched for review.


What are Rooted in Language educator training classes?

All language arts studies rely on complex underlying language skills. Success in reading and writing requires explicit teaching strategies that cross these intertwined skill areas. In our educator training classes, we teach you methods that are effective, research-based, and supportive of all students, especially those with learning difficulties. 

We provide and demonstrate deep learning strategies for the specified content area in each of our classes, so you know what to teach and how to teach it, across all age and learning levels.


Do you offer a Certificate of Completion for continuing education?

Yes. After finishing the class, please contact us to request a Certificate of Completion. Rooted in Language will, in turn, deliver a downloadable Certificate of Completion to you within 5 business days. Your Certificate can be submitted for CEU’s; however, acceptance is subject to each governing body’s rules and approval. 

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