The Language Tree

The four trunks represent all four modes of language—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. For the new learner, the listening and speaking trunks are the most developed. When we teach literacy, we help children grow their reading and writing trunks.

The roots represent the foundational skills that must be mastered in order to become proficient in language and literacy. The RIL method focuses on these foundational skills. Through explicit and systematic instruction, with powerful practice to build and consolidate skills, we strengthen roots and expand the reading and writing trunks.

The canopy represents key literacy abilities that are developed and reinforced as students engage in reading and writing projects. Language Arts activities deepen learning through discussion and original writing, as well as acquiring vocabulary and new knowledge. Rooted in Language provides classes and instructional materials to support these higher level skills. As the canopy grows, it feeds and enriches all four language trunks.


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