Steps to Learning

At Rooted in Language, we show you our teaching process, not just a program. Our teaching routine weaves all areas of language arts together, showing you the powerful impact that deep learning brings.

Explicit and systematic instruction of each literacy concept taught in reading, writing, and spelling

Methodical practice at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels

Consolidation of concepts in writing using Intentional Copywork, Dictation, and Editing

Meaningful application in original writing with ongoing activities and projects

Meaningful application in reading, progressing from controlled text (which targets new learning) to authentic text (which advances vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension)

Word study to deepen morphological knowledge, understanding word structure and meaningful etymology

Fluency instruction including multisyllable word practice, sound-shifting strategies, phrasing practice, and prosody awareness

Deep comprehension including annotation, retelling, analysis, and literary element knowledge


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